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Products MarosEtti offers are those as they appear on the Sites at the time the Customer implements their order subject to those Products being available.


MarosEtti agrees to make every effort to deliver all orders.


However, MarosEtti cannot be held liable for Products not being available or for any losses which might arise as a result. 


Should one or more Products in an order not be available, MarosEtti will inform the Customer via e-mail or in writing that it has cancelled his or her order wholly or in part or split it.


Should Products be found to be unavailable and the Customer is informed of this but they have already paid for their Products, MarosEtti will ask its bank to refund the amount paid for the Products in question immediately, informing the Customer by e-mail accordingly. How fast the refund is actually made depends on how the Customer chose to pay when making their purchase. MarosEtti will in any case make the refund within 90 days.


All Products offered for sale on Sites are described in good faith and conscientiously and as accurately as is possible; but the photographs on the website are of no contractual value whatsoever. MarosEtti cannot accept any liability for any errors which may appear in the descriptions of the Products or photographs, including slight variations in colours and dimensions.


MarosEtti cannot under any circumstances be held liable for any losses suffered directly or indirectly (loss of use, loss of profits, loss of opportunity etc.) arising out of using the Sites or of their being unavailable. It cannot be held liable for any damage to the Customer's systems incurred through visiting the Sites including being hacked or computer viruses.

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