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The Customer has the obligation to receive and instantly check the goods. Complaints concerning visable defects should be reported in written to MarosEtti within fourteen days after the delivery has taken place. 


In their absence the nature of the order deemed to have been accepted by the costumer. After that period has elapsed, not a single complaint ore objection, of any type, can be taken into account.


MarosEtti is not responsible for problems resulting from the wrong and/ore improper use of the product, nor problems caused by force majeure, nor by deed ore intentional fault of any person.


The Costumer has the obligation, on pain of preclusion, to appal to the warrant of hidden defects within fourteen days after the discovering of the defect ore the defect reasonably could be detected, and this by writing. 


In any cases where MarosEtti is or could be held liable, MarosEtti’s liability will be limited to the amount the Customer actually paid for the order concerned.


Except for what was described in the current General Terms and Conditions in connection with the visible defects and the guarantee, MarosEtti is not bound to any compensation whatsoever that would result directly or indirectly from the Products sold.

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